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Introduction to Drum Gear


The “Intro to Drum Gear” videos and companion text are offered as a guide for first time drum set buyers. The information in these videos will give a you a good start in the names of the components of the drum set, knowing what to purchase, how to setup the kit and what to look for when considering a used set.
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Practice is an important part of every student’s development. Top professional musicians practice regularly in order to maintain their skill level and to push themselves to constantly improve. It is important for students to enjoy music lessons, however, like sports, music is a competitive arena and the more prepared you are the more you will enjoy playing your instrument over time. Please take a moment to read this open letter to students and parents about “Practice”. I appreciate hearing your comments and suggestions on the topic of practicing. Practice

Articles About Practicing


Here is a link to an article from writer Jeff Bredenberg.

9 Ways to Help Kids Practice