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[one_third][learn_more caption=”Study Sheets”]

What Does It Take?Logo-Button-G-Green-40px

1. Note & Rest NamesLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

1a. Note LengthLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

2. Time Signature & MeterLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

3. Counting SystemsLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

4. Treble ClefLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

6. Dynamic & Tempo MarkingsLogo-Button-G-Yellow-40px

7. 16th Note Rhythm StudyLogo-Button-G-Yellow-40px

[one_third][learn_more caption=”Reading”]

Reading One A, B & CLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Reading Two A, B & CLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Reading Three A, B & CLogo-Button-G-Yellow-40px


[one_third_last][learn_more caption=”Hands”]

Level One-A Hand PatternsLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Basic Hand Patterns OneLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Accents OneLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Accent CountdownLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Stick Control pg5 RevampLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Stick Control pg5 as TripletsLogo-Button-G-Yellow-40px

The Speed BuildersLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

16th Note Rhythm Study Warmup

Paradiddle Warm Up One

Rudimental Routine One

Flam Taps

Strings One

Six Stroke Roll Permutations


[one_third][learn_more caption=”Snare Drum”]

And They’re OffLogo-Button-G-Yellow-40pxLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Buckle UpLogo-Button-G-Yellow-40px


[one_third][learn_more caption=”Song Transcriptions”]

Bennie and the Jets-Elton John

Enter Sandman-Metallica

Hells Bells-AC/DC

Kashmir(Partial)-Led Zeppelin

Little Wing-Jimi Hendrix

Sunshine of Your Love-Cream

Takin’ it to the Streets-Doobie Brothers

When The Levee Breaks-Led Zeppelin


You Shook Me All Night…-AC/DC


[one_third_last][learn_more caption=”Sketch Charts”]

Aaron Burr Sir-Hamilton

Arrested for Driving While Blind-ZZ Top

Back In Black-AC/DC

Beast of Burden-Rolling Stones

Bulls On Parade-RATM

Crosstown Traffic-Jimi Hendrix

Doctor My Eyes-Jackson Browne

Dream On-Aerosmith

Drive My Car-The Beatles

Eye of the Tiger-Survivor

Float On-Modest Mouse


Ghost Busters Theme-Ray Parker Jr.

Highway To Hell-AC/DC

I Got You (I Feel Good)-James Brown

I Love Rock and Roll-Joan Jett

Ice Cream Man-Van Halen

In My Life-The Beatles

Let’s Go-The Cars

Mexico-James Taylor

Nasty Habits-Tommy Castro

Oye Como Va-Santana

Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix

Ramble On-Led Zeppelin

Revolution-The Beatles

She Loves You-The Beatles

Shoot To Thrill-AC/DC

So Into You-Atlanta Rhythm Section

Sweet Child O’ Mine-Guns N’ Roses

That’s Not Love-Keb Mo

The Wind Cries Mary-Jimi Hendrix


[one_third][learn_more caption=”Rock Grooves”]

Groove Study OneLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Groove Study TwoLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Groove Study Three

Groove Study Four

Groove Study Five

Groove Study Six

Groove Study Seven

Groove Study Eight

Groove Study Nine

Groove Study Ten

Groove Coordination One


[one_third][learn_more caption=”Percussion”]

Conga Study One


[one_third_last][learn_more caption=”Drummers”]

Steve GaddLogo-Button-G-Green-40px


[one_third][learn_more caption=”Feet”]

Eighth Note Bass Drum OneLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

8th Note Bass w/ Cymbal AccentsLogo-Button-G-Green-40px

Eighth Note H-Hat Patterns OneLogo-Button-G-Yellow-40px

Double Bass Pedal Ideas One


[one_third][learn_more caption=”Drum Set”]

Rates Around The Kit One

16th Note, 2 Count Fill Combinations

Cymbal Placement Workout One

Weckl L1V1 “Straight Eighths” Fills


[one_third_last][learn_more caption=”Coordination”]

Sixteenth Combinations One


[one_third][learn_more caption=”Music Artists”]

Stevie Wonder


[one_third][learn_more caption=”Jazz”]

Jazz Workout #1


[one_third_last][learn_more caption=”Vocabulary”]



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