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Private lessons can be arranged in several different ways.

1. If you live in California from Santa Maria to Paso Robles I can come to your home.
…(if you live outside of this area I may be able to work with you. please contact me).

2. You can come to a music studio where I teach.

3. We can use the internet to do a lesson via Zoom or other communication software.

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Every student must have:

1. a Spiral non-perforated type Notebook.

2. a Metronome.

3. a Practice Pad.

4. Sticks.

5. a Music Stand.

6. a Pocket Folder for Handouts and Charts.

7. at Least 30 Minutes a Day Devoted to Practice.

8. Patience.

9. a Healthy and Rested Mind and Body Ready to Learn.

10. a Love for Music and the Desire to Learn.