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“Dean Giles is a perfect drummer for our band. He brings so many different styles to the band and performs them all well with authenticity. His pocket is behind the beat which I prefer and his placement is excellent. A mature experienced player, Dean is never too loud and his cymbal work is tasty. Love the sound of his kit. He is always on the money and right on time!”Kenny Lee Lewis Steve Miller Band

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“I’ve been spoiled, playing with some of the world’s best drummers, and Dean sits right up there with the best of them. Solid and right in the pocket.” – Mic Gillette, Tower of Power

“Hey Dean, just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome work. Your versatility always amazes me. The funk tracks, the latin tracks, the swing tracks, all just the right touches. You know your stuff and you’re a down to biz pro. Makes the sessions so pleasurable!” – Ralph Carter, Film and Television Composer

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“Dean locks up the groove so tight, can’t nothing get out!” – Danny Pelfrey

Emmy Winning Composer / Producer / Musician

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“I have had the opportunity over the 40+ years playing with some of the greatest drummers, ranging from Buddy Rich, Peter Erskine, Sonny Payne, Louis Bellson, Steve Gadd and more. Dean Giles is among the top plateau of drummers, a perfect combination of technical prowess and musicality that is hard to find. Playing with Dean is always a great musical moment and I always look forward to gigs when he is on the stage. It’s vital to have a reliable foundation in any musical event and he has proven to be a perfect man for the job.” Greg Smith – The Eagles, LA Studios


Ann Kelly / Mark Ross

I had the great pleasure of joining Danny Pelfrey, Adam Levine and Ken Hustad in accompanying multi-Emmy Award Winner Mark Ross and vocalist Ann Kelly on October 29th. Thanks to Mark, Ann and especially Danny...

Tony Russell

Giles sits in with funny man, Tony Russell. Featured in a host of films including; “The Black Dahlia”, “Casino”, “Bugsy”, “Ed Wood” and others. Russell also has...

The Cinders in Atascadero

The Cinders Blues Band enjoyed a great crowd in Atascadero at the Summer Concert Series. The Cinders will be back at the Grover Beach Summer Concerts on September 18th. Dorian Michael, Brett Hoover, DG &...

Rio Salinas Veterans Benefit

Sunday August 7th the guys from Rio Salinas got together to do a benefit for our local veterans. It was a great day with many of our friends sitting in throughout the show. The benefit was to raise money for...

Burton Cummings / Sean Fitzsimons

A great show from Burton Cummings at the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles as he opened for the Steve Miller Band. Playing in a band with Kenny Lee Lewis, Miller’s Bass Guitarist, has it’s perks as...

Big Daddy’s Gets Mall’d

Giles sits-in with Big Daddy’s Blues Band as they entertain at the Santa Maria Mall. Joe Pilloud, Stan Manning, DG & Jack Collins.  

July 4th 2011

Giles plays 4th bash with an all star band featuring Frank Paredes from “Louie and The Lovers” fame. Joining the guys were band leaders Alex Kizanis and Spike Burr along with guitarist Tommy...

Human Nation

Adam Levine, DG, Dave Becker, Bill Wingfield, Brett Mitchell

The Barflyz

Danny Pelfrey, Kenny Lee Lewis, Dianne Stienberg, DG and Ken Hustadt

Jane Fonda

Giles works on Fonda project. With music written, recorded  and arranged by Ralph Carter, Dean recently recorded drums and percussion tracks in the studio and on the set of Jane Fonda’s new fitness DVD....

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