performance & music video

The Cinders Blues Band “Take Me to the River”

“Summertime” with Pat Kelley (George Benson), Adam Levine & Ken Hustad.

The Cinders Blues Band “Further On Up The Road”, “Reconsider Baby”

Noel Webb & Rhona Bennett (En Vogue) Japan Tour

Nicole Stromsoe “I am Fine”

Nicole Stromsoe “I Can’t Let Go”

The Barflyz with Kenny Lee Lewis (Steve Miller) & Danny Pelfrey (Carol King) “Keep On Rockin’ Me” (yea, I’m back there somewhere).

Live at D’Anbino’s with Human Nation “Cindy Lee” by Adam Levine

Dan Littlefield “On The Rails”

Dan Littlefield “Deep Blue”

Video “Migration” with Human Nation from the 2013 CD of the same name.

Live at Cafe Vio with Human Nation “The Grease Patrol” by Plas Johnson

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