tours / gigs / studio

people I have worked with (their affiliation) (what we did together)

Louie Ortega (Grammy Award Winning Artist – Texas Tornados) (Gigs / Studio)

John Laird (Grammy Award Winning Artist – Claire Fischer) (Gigs / Studio)

Jean-Michel Byron (Toto) (Gigs)

Jeff Richman (Manhattan Transfer) (Gigs)

Pat Kelley (George Benson) (Gigs)

Robbie Krieger (The Doors) (Studio)

Kenny Lee Lewis (Steve Miller) (Gigs)

Greg Smith (The Eagles) (Gigs)

Mic Gillette (Tower of Power) (Gigs)

Danny Pelfrey (Carol King / Emmy Award Winning Composer) (Gigs)

Becky Barksdale (Michael Jackson) (Gigs)

Rhona Bennett (en Vogue) (Gigs / Tour)

Brett Rosenberg (Award Winning Film Composer) (Gigs / Studio)

Ralph Carter (Film & TV Composer) (Gigs / Studio)

Noel Webb (Labrador Records) (Gigs / Tours)

Mark Ross (Emmy Award Winning Composer) (Gigs)

Lee Thornberg (Tower Of Power) (Gigs / Studio)

Gary Herbig (LA Studios) (Gigs / Studio)

Ken Stange (Joe Cocker) (Gigs / Studio)

Tim Hosman (Film & TV Composer) (Studio)

Abe Most (Jazz Legend) (Studio)

Chuck Alvarez (Tim Weisberg) (Gigs)

Lee Seung-Chul (Korean Platinum Recording Artist) (Gigs)

Jeff Elliot (Les McCann) (Gigs / Studio)

Red Holloway (Jazz Legend) (Gigs / Studio)

Robey (Friday the 13th TV Show) (Gigs)

Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne (Gigs)

Ann Kelly (Gigs)

Adam Levine (Gigs / Studio)

Barebones (Giant Records) (Gigs)

Joe Koenig (Studio)

Dan Littlefield (Studio)

Dave Becker (Gigs)

The Bombers (Gigs)

Cami Thompson (Gigs)

Don Kirkpatrick (Rod Stewart) (Gigs / Studio)

Colette Lovejoy (Gigs)

Don Rickles (Show)

Dorian Michael (Gigs / Studio)

Horace Height Jr. Orchestra w/Barbara McNair (Gigs)

Rancho Deluxe (Gigs)

Human Nation (Gigs / Studio)

Jackie Lomax (Gigs)

Mel Brooks Musical Theatre (Shows)

Mere Mortals (Gigs)

John Flitcraft (Gigs)

Tim Emmons (Gigs)

Jeff Miley (Gigs)

The Mills Brothers (Show)

Osmond Brothers (Show)

The Pontiax (Gigs)

Present Tense (Gigs / Studio)

Rob Rio & The Revolvers (Gigs)

Sorcerer Productions (Shows)

The Swing Kings (Gigs / Tours / Studio)

Teresa Russell (Gigs)

Trey Henry  (Studio)

Zaidee Cole & 11 O’Clock Blues Band (Gigs)

Richard Green (Studio / Gigs)

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